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These are links to my favorite YouTube channels for beekeeping.

It was due to watching YouTube videos that first got me interested in beekeeping!!!

Please give them a try...lots of great information, resources, and hints.

Click a bee to go to their youtube channel, and use your back button to come back to this page.

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Randy McCaffrey

628DirtRooster - Gulfport, Mississippi

Randy was the first video channel I watched, and have watched every one of his videos to date. He was my reason for getting into he says

"Hobby Beekeeping IS A Way Of Life:"

Exceptional videos and content. My go to guy for problems and solutions.

To say he is my 'unofficial mentor' is a compliment to the quality of his videos, his comentary, his knowledge and attitudes to bee keeping.

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 Jeff Armstrong

JP The Beeman - Louisiana

JP was the second person's videos I watched. Very informative. Very relaxed, explains well, and has a diverse library of videos on many topics.

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 Scott Hendriks

Scott's Bees - Desbartas, Ontario (Northern Ontario near North Bay)

Scotty has some awesome videos, with very easy to follow ideas. Definitely worth the watch. Innovative ideas for making your own equipment.

As Scotty says "Be good to your bees, and they will be good to you"

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 Jeff Horchoff

Mr Ed - New Orlean's area, South East Louisiana

Interesting videos and prolific YouTube poster. A little religious at times, but good information and content. He definitely enjoys what he is doing.

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 Yappy Beeman - Alabama

Yappy is a great source for a diverse many areas of beekeeping. Definitely worth the watch. It won't take long to find out how he got the nickname Yappy. Man...look at all them there bees!!! lol

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 Devan Rawn - East of Toronto, Southwestern Ontario

This is an exceptional channel with loads of information for everyone, especially us beekeepers here in Ontario. Definitely worth the watch.

Unbelievable amount of knowledge, and easy to follow. Due to the fact he is within hours of me, this is by far the most relivant information for me and can be applied to our beeyards easily.

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 B&K Bees - Southwestern Michigan

Very prolific poster, who has so much information and hints.

Did I mention he has a pet Black Widow Spider he caught while woeking his bee yard. Happy to answer questions and give advise.

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The Bush Beeman - in the outback of Australia

For a lighter look at beekeeping. Definitely will keep you laughing. Language is not always family friendly, but has some good information and some unusual ideas on how to keep bees. Definitely entertaining.

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 Dave Haught

Dave at Barnyard Bees - Chatsworth Georgia

Vast source of resources on a great many aspects of beekeeping. He also has a store and ships all over.


Hope you find these resources of interest.


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