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On Saturday July 21st of 2018, during the early morning hours, one of our bee yards, located at rear of

The Stratford Perth Museum on Huron Street in Stratford, was vandalized by parties still unknown.

This vandalism resulted in the loss of 2-3 hives, upwards of 100,000 bees, and damaged equipment.

We think some of the bees were sprayed with some unknown agent, as one of our bee vacuum catch boxes

had a few inches of dead bees in it, a patch on the ground of dead bees from the other catch box, and the loss of bees

in the other hives that may have come in contact with this agent.

Government testing was done on the hives, and have been since deemed safe,

but the loss of honey, bees, and eq uipment still resulted in a financial and emotional loss.

Articles and pictures of this senseless, cowardly act are shown below. If anyone has any information regarding

this cowardly act, please do not hesitate to contact us, Crime Stoppers, or the OPP.


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