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Hive and Colony Removals


We at Waltzing Bees Apiary would be more than happy to help you with any Honeybee hive

or colony removal you may have either in a tree, on the side of your house, or inside your home, or buildings.

Hive and colony removals can be very time consuming and may require removal or opening up of walls, therefor

they generally can result in higher costs to remove. It is important to NOT spray the bees at any time, or we

will be unable to remove them from your premises. We will always sit down with you and discuss your options,

the cost or removal, and the time required to do the removal. These costs and time constraints will vary on a

case by case basis, so unfortunately we cannot just give you a quote over the phone - we need to see the extent

of the colony/hive removal and the work required before we can give an educated cost analysis.


We always use great care and respect in our removals, and will remove the entire hive/colony when possible, and

also remove and relocate the bees safely and entirely.


Please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your removal requirements!


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