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 Exploded Hive View

 Outer Cover - Used to cover and protect the hive and the bees from the elements

Inner Cover - The is used for ventilation and also an extra entrance for your bees. It also prevents your frames from sticking to the outer cover.

Honey Super - Used to store surplus honey. Usually the queen is unable to access this part of the hive due to the queen excluder.

Queen Excluder - A preventative shield which does not allow the queen to enter the honey super due to the size of the queen. The workers are able to go through it, to access the honey super.

Deep Super or Hive Body (Brood Box) - This is where the queen lives and lays her eggs (the brood) and is usually full of eggs, larva, and eventually the young bees when they hatch.

Frames - There are 'frames' in the Deep brood box and honey super to allow the bees to attach and build their honeycomb. Either 8 or 10 frames depending on size of boxes used.

Entrance Reducer - used to control the amount of free access to the hive. It is also used to help in the control of ventilation and temperature as well.

Screened Bottom Board - this is the base of the hive, which has a screen to allow for mites to fall through, and allows for ventilation of the hive.

Elevated Hive Stand - Helps in ventilation of the hive, and also provides a 'landing board' for the bees to land on upon entering the hive. It also helps to elevate the hive off the ground which can prevent animals and pests from entering/attacking the colony.


Bee Keeping Smock

Limited protection

Warm to wear on hot days


Full Bee Keeping Suit

Excellent Protection

Warm to wear on hot days


Full Ventilated Suit

Almost Bee Sting Proof

And it is cooler to wear

Hive Tool


Used to pry hive boxes apart


Used to pry frames apart


Most important part of a beekeeper's arsenal

Used to calm the bees, and to cover the

pheromones of the bees





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