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So, you want to help the bees....but aren't able to own or operate your own hives...


Solution: ADOPT!!! or DONATE!!!


This might sound silly, but in reality it isn't. You can help by donating funds, or materials

to help build more hives, raise more bees, and help the environment in general.


We are constantly adding new hives, hive stands, bees, equipment etc, to grow our yards, and

also to help the bees! Wood and materials are not cheap, nor are the frames and other necessities that

it takes to run a successful bee yard.


If you have pressure treated 4x4s, 2x4s, or 1x3, 1x4, 1x6 or 1x10 pine that your not using, why not

donate it to the bees! We would be more than happy to pick it up!!!!


You can just donate funds...


We have two options set up for funding....

e-transfers are accepted to



On behalf of the bees, we thank you!!!!

 Special Thanks To The Following

Who Have Given To Help Our Bees

 The Stratford Perth Museum - Stratford

W. Charlot Farms Ltd - Stratford

S.C.P. Enterprises - Stratford

Raven Enterprises - Stratford

Ferguson's Apiary - Hensall

Pat Shoemaker - Kitchener

Alan Grogan - Stratford

Bob Lott - Stratford

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